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Julio  Landinez-Aponte

Julio Landinez-Aponte

Financial Services Professional

Julio was born in San Felipe, Venezuela. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Animal Sciences. He enjoyed being a teacher and researcher from 2009 to 2015. Julio and his family moved to the U.S. due to the political and social crisis in Venezuela. Julio has two professional passions, working with the use of embryos technology to obtain genetic improvement in ruminants. His second passion is working in the world of finance, helping his clients plan their financial future. In 2019, Julio began working part-time in the financial industry and has developed his knowledge and passion for the profession ever since. Julio and his wife have 3 daughters. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, hiking, sightseeing, reading a good book, and relaxing at home with his family.