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Retirement Solutions 
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Retirement planning can be complicated and confusing, and the average American household has $111,000 saved for retirement.

That’s not nearly enough to support a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years. You could work longer or seek out other income sources like Social Security and pensions, but you also need to think about the future of your assets – which means making sure they’re properly diversified and invested in appropriate vehicles that will help them grow over time.

Cambridge Financial Group provides financial services such as investment management, financial planning, investing education and wealth management services designed specifically for individuals who want more than just another 401(k) plan from their employer. We take the time to learn about our clients' needs so we can offer customized solutions that meet those needs now while taking into account what's likely to be important down the road too. We do this by creating a comprehensive plan based on each client's unique situation including helping you identify where you are

<p>Retirement and Quality of Life</p>

Retirement and Quality of Life

Asking the right questions about how you can save money for retirement without sacrificing your quality of life.
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<p>Saving for Retirement</p>

Saving for Retirement

This calculator can help you estimate how much you may need to save for retirement.
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